Wednesday, May 7, 2008

running update

Today I ran my 5k in 31:40, which I'm not that happy with especially considering that it was on a treadmill.

I realized that I totally misread the fitness standards for running that I was given by Eason's dojo. I thought that one half mile in 4 minutes (which is 7.5 mph) was excellent, but it's actually considered average.

Excellent is 2:45 (which is just under 11 mph). During my run today I tried to bump up my speed and I was able to maintain 9 mph for 1 minute, which is faster than I've ever ran on a treadmill before, but still a far cry from "excellent", at least according to these standards.

Which begs the question "where did these standards come from?" I've asked Sensei Brian, but he's been out of town. Some inconsistencies that I've noticed include:
• why are there no time limits for push-ups, but there are for sit-ups? (Running is obvious.)
• why are there no age categories for running, but there are for push-ups and sit-ups.
• running and sit-up standards seem very close to record levels, while push-ups is no where close.

I guess I'll get some answers when Brian gets back.

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