Tuesday, May 13, 2008

5k Prep

Today I decided to try using the 5k sports training option on the treadmill. When it asked me to choose a level from 1-20, I choose 10. This wound up being harder than I anticipated. The first half of the course maintained an incline from 3.5 to 7.8, which killed my time. Ultimately this might be a good thing as it might prepare me for the hills, wind resistance and ground conditions of running in the park. However, my time was pretty bad.

I only ran 4k and it took me 29 minutes. I averaged 5.1 mph; 11:45 minute mile.

So I got to ask Brian about the fitness standards he passed on and he told me that he got them from a military website. I did some research and I did find this for 800 meter run times:
• 4:20 minutes: Healthy beginner
• 3:20 minutes: Intermediate athlete
• 2:50 minutes: Advanced athlete
• 2:20 minutes: Elite athlete

I guess I have a ways to go.

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