Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Message To Camp Counselors

At the beginning of this summer the director of my daughter's camp asked some parents to come and speak to their staff about what we expect from the staff and camp, any fears we might have (made up or real), good or bad experiences that we have had and why.

I wasn't be able to go attend, but I did send an email with what I would have liked to say:

Please remember that these early years are critical in the development of child's minds and is often their first exposure to this type of environment.

The kids are watching you and listening to what you say. Not only to them, but to the conversations and interactions you have with each other. These observations mold what they perceive as acceptable and desirable behavior.

Please set a good example. Consider your audience before trash talking with your buddy, getting huggy/kissy with your girlfriend/boyfriend, or picking on the CC that's not as cool as you.

Be open minded about different family rituals and habits. They may have different beliefs, diets, finances and lifestyles than you. Set an example of acceptance.

These kids are young and will likely require a lot of hand holding. They may need frequent reminders about applying sunscreen, snacks, cleaning up, and even using the bathroom.
Our experience with our older son at lower camp was an extremely positive one, which was only magnified when he went to upper camp, so the bar is set pretty high. Don't let us down.

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