Monday, September 22, 2008

MMA And The Appeal Of Violence And Violent Competition?

In the recent episode of MMA Nation, Luke was talking about Violence in MMA, and why it is attractive to so many.

So I want to address the question, why do I like MMA and what is the appeal of violence and violent competition?

Violence is simply a reality of life, regardless of to what extent one might try to avoid it. Whether its the possibility of having to defend yourself and your family on the street, to defending your country, to wanting to punch that annoying person in the mug so they'll just shut up. There is just no way to avoid that reality.

Once you accept that reality, and embrace it, its only a natural progression to ponder the competition aspects of violence. Would you be able to defend yourself? Are those self defense classes going to help you? What about boxing, krav maga, etc.?

Mixed Martial Arts is all about finding out who is the best fighter. As MMA evolved it has morphed into "who is the best fighter within their weight division and using certain rules implemented for their safety and the health of the sport?"

If you like competition, and you embrace the inherent relevance of violence in our lives, its not hard to understand the appeal of mixed martial arts.

Regarding Felony Fights, I've never seen it, however I'm sure that I would find it entertaining. Nevertheless, I would abstain from watching it or supporting it in an effort to contribute to a positive society. While violence is a real factor in our lives I also think its important to promote a society where people can reasonably feel safe.

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