Tuesday, September 16, 2008

MMA And Sports For Me

I recently wrote a letter to a radio show host who was questioning how people could like MMA and not team sports. I thought I would post an excerpt here:

...you are ridiculous!

How can you question MMA fans not being fans of traditional team sports when you don't even like boxing. Boxing certainly has far more in common with MMA than football.

For me, I never got in to team sports as a child, but I did do various TMA for about 10 years. Boxing was okay when someone put it on, but not enough to follow.

When I would occasionally catch a K1 Strikeforce show on TV I thought they were awesome.

TUF exposed me to MMA. Soon after I found Sherdog, which broadened my MMA horizons.

Since then I've watched almost every UFC and Pride show ever made and now I'm quite obsessed and I run my own MMA website.

I still have little interest in any other sports, though I just took my 5 year old son to his first baseball game and will probably be much more involved in team sports only in an effort to expose him.

My point is that MMA is entertaining in a way that is different than any other sport. It will appeal to many that do like team sports and many that don't. Likewise, there will be many that don't like MMA regardless of whether they like other sports. MMA is its own unique animal and I love it.

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