Sunday, September 21, 2008

Site updates at MMA

I've recently made some updates to my MMA Ratings website.

I hid the labels from appearing in my posts. This was really hard to figure out how to do. I did a lot of searching on Blogger and Goggle, but ultimately I figured out that I just had to go into my HTML code and remove:

I think it makes the posts look more professional and gives me more control of my labeling, knowing that whatever I choose will not be displayed to everyone.

I configured expandable posts. This is really helpful considering that the MMA Ratings op-ed writers, Nic and Garth, can post some long peices (they are great by the way).

I configured my Blog Archive to appear as a Posts Calendar. I think it looks really cool, and its a cool way to see when posts are made and even when MMA events are being held.

I added customized label based subscriptions. This started out as no big deal when I learned the built in blogger label specific feeds syntax. However, I then extrapolated that using Feedburner's BuzzBoost feature, which allows you to republish your feed as HTML, that I can instantly create widgets for other sites to use. Now other sites can host the highest ranked fights, events, and fighters on their site without having to maintain or update those lists.

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