Sunday, September 28, 2008

I think I watch too much MMA.

Aviva and I were talking about the presidential debates. She asked me who I thought did better. I said I thought Obama won 29-28, but I thought it could be a split decision.

We were talking about how McCain said he would not have talks with oppositional countries without preconditions. I didn't think that made sense and I said that it's not the same as the UFC not wanting to co-promote with other promotions.

Aviva said she thought McCain did really well. Not that he did better than Obama, but it may appear that way since, in her opinion, Obama always sounds good and McCain usually doesn't. I told her how that happens all the time when a big underdog (i.e. Bisping/Hammill, or Kim/Brown) does surprisingly well. Fans often give the fight to the underdog, even though the favorite actually did better.

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