Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Orlando 2013: SeaWorld

We went to SeaWorld. I originally didn't want to use any of our days there, but Aviva really wanted to. As usual she was right. I'm really glad we went. Even though we left relatively early, they definitely have a lot going on.

More pictures and video below:

First we went to the Stingray Lagoon. At first Andi didn't want to touch the stingrays, even though she has in the past, but then she did.

We watched the Turtle Trek. It was really cool. After walking through an aquarium you go into a dome shaped room with a panoramic 3D movie about an actual sea turtle's life.

Eason and I went on Kraken. Eason said it was one of the best roller coasters he's ever been on.

We watched the Dolphin Feeding.

We watched the Blue Horizons show at the Dolphin Theatre.

Eason and I went on the Manta. Another very good roller coaster.

After we had lunch at the Voyagers Smokehouse Eason and I watched the California Sea Lions at Pacific Point Preserve. We learned the difference in flippers, claws, and ears between seals and sea lions.

We all saw Clyde & Seymore Take Pirate Island at the Sea Lion & Otter Theatre. It was very funny.

We went on Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin, then we went to the Shark Encounter.

At Shamu’s Happy Harbor Andi went on Sea Carousel, Swishy Fishies. She was very happy to be able to go un so many rides all by herself.

When Eason got there he went with her on the Shamu Express, Ocean Commotion, and Jazzy Jellies.

We saw the One Ocean show at Shamu Stadium. Half way through the show they had to stop due to inclement weather. Since it was pouring we hung around in the stadium. It was amusing how many people evacuated their splash zone seats to avoid the rain. After at least 30 minutes, during which they aired shows on SeaWorld's animal protection program, they resumed the show.

We got back to the hotel in time for more fun in the pool. We got dinner there and Eason had his 8th burger.

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