Thursday, August 15, 2013

Orlando 2013: Planes, Pools, And Playing

on the planeThe first day of our trip went perfectly. We got to the airport on time. I even had time to go through security twice, because I forgot to finish my drink. (And the pat down I received the second time was very professional, and not all together unpleasant.)

More pictures and video below:

our red Volkswagen JettaEason picked out the rental car. A red Volkswagen Jetta. I really liked the way it handled; better than our Toyota.

The hotel Aviva booked was great. We all had fun in the pool.

We went out for a nice steak dinner.

We went shopping so we would have supplies for the week. Aviva said the 12 pack was a good price so...

I don't always go on vacation, but when I do...

When we got back the kids had fun in the jacuzzi before bed.

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