Saturday, August 17, 2013

Orlando 2013: Epcot

We went to Disney's Epcot. This was Eason's favorite place.

More pictures below:

First we had breakfast in our room, of course.

First we on Spaceship Earth in Future World. The ride said "Experience Tomorrow Today," but I think they should have said "Experience Yesterday's Tomorrow Today."

Then we went to Innoventions East where Eason and I went on Sum of All Thrills while Aviva took Andi to Habit Heroes. Then we went on Ride Mission: SPACE. Aviva took a trip to the moon, and the rest of us went to Mars.

Then we went on Soarin'. It was very cool, but I thought they should have done a much better job transitioning from one scene to the next. We did the Living with the Land tour, and then we had lunch at Sunshine Seasons in The Land.

We went on The Seas with Nemo & Friends, walked through the aquarium, and saw Turtle Talk with Crush, which was very funny.

We went to Journey into Imagination with Figment, which was kind of a bust. Andi got to make her own Figment.

We watch Captain EO. It was really weird. I wonder if it would have been better 25 years ago.

We went on Ellen's Energy Adventure, which was fun.

We built our own race cars and took them for a ride on Test Track.

Then we headed to the World Showcase. We hung out at World ShowPlace Events Pavillion in the UK for a concert. Then the kids worked on Agent P's World Showcase Adventure in the United Kingdom while Aviva did some window shopping. Long story short, they managed to save the world.

We had dinner at Tangierine Café in Morocco.

Eason and I watched Reflections of China.

Then we hung around for a while to watch IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth. We had a great sport at the lagoon between Canada & France.

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