Monday, February 4, 2013

Audi's Superbowl Sexual Insidiousness

Insidious ads like this are even more harmful than the obviously gratuitous ones, as they subtly reinforce the idea that it's okay for men to objectify women, and that women should like it.

I fully agree with geekmom Corrina Lawson's writeup: Audi SuperBowl Commercial Fail: Sexual Assault is Good!

When I mentioned this perspective to some peers, everyone in the room, especially the women, adamantly disagreed and dismissed it as overly...something, and I'm glad they are afforded the luxury of that innocent perspective. But while this commercial seems innocent enough at first, with the guy is clearly portrayed as the underdog, “the message is: gain confidence, forcibly kiss a girl, it will feel good, and she will like it.”

Just consider how you would feel if you, or your daughter, were forcibly kissed without consent.

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