Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Training Tip: Resistance Bands And Cables

I often see people using the resistance bands, sometimes exclusively it seems. An important thing to remember about resistance bands is that they increase resistance as you increase the range of motion from relaxed to flexed. Usually the range involved in rotating your arm will result in absolutely no resistance in the relaxed range.

With this in mind its important to consider alternatives such as cables where the resistance remains the same throughout the entire range of motion.

However, resistance bands do have their benefits. In addition to being very convenient, sometimes you want to increase resistance as you increase the range. For instance, for a chest presses or squats, you are typically stronger as your limbs straighten. Bands combined with weights enable you to reduce resistance when the band is relaxed and you are in a weaker position and increase resistance as the bands stretch and you move into a stronger position.

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  1. Today Felipe and I were using the resistance bands with weights for bench presses.

    One of the trainers approached us and explained that she was afraid the resistance bands might make the weight crash down on us.

    We explained that it would be okay because 1) we were spotting each other, and 2) the resistance decreases as the weight is lowered.

    She suggested that we might be better off putting the bands on the outside of the weight, but I explained that would be bad because in the event of an emergency that would prevent us from being able to tip the weight off.

    I appreciate her intentions and I can see where it might look dangerous to the untrained eye.

    Also. she might not know I have my B.M.A. certification. ;-)


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