Monday, April 28, 2008

Training Partner

My training partner, Felipe, just came back after a month of traveling. It's good to have him back. We've been working out together for a year and it's worked out real well. I've never had a training partner that I matched up with so well. There's some areas where he pushes me, and others where I can push him. Our training philosophies are similar (because he's such a reasonable and intelligent guy ) and yet we balance each other out. It was nice to workout alone for a while, but I'm glad he's back.

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  1. Yeah, its great to have Eric as trainning partner. Both when I am home and trainning together (the reasons for this are obvious) and when I am away. In this case the reason being I find it hard to keep up with my workout when I am travelling but to get motivated myself I tell myself 'if I dont get my butt to the gym when I get back I´m not going to be able to keep up with Eric and I am going to be in pain after the workouts' thats enough motivation for me. As Eric mention we do complement each other in the workout, its motivating and all that but for me it is also important to have someone to discuss other aspects like work issues and to share some thoughts....good therapy. keep it up


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