Saturday, March 2, 2013


neck and neck
One of our favorite games to play in our house is Sorry!, and as it turns out Andi wins a lot. No matter how the game starts out she winds up winning in the end an extraordinary amount of the time.

But this game I pulled really far ahead. I have two pieces in Home while Eason and Andi had most of their pieces in Start. This time I was sure I was going to win, and when I did I was going to celebrate.

At one point, hoping to get behind my Safety Zone, I moved my piece backwards 1 space from outside Start, and I wasn't sure if I had made the right move. I said "Wait! Should I do that, or should I have moved it forward 10?"

My little Andi quickly jumped up and yelled "HEY, YOU TOOK YOUR HAND OFF YOUR PIECE!!!"

Laughing, I turned to Eason with a smile and said "Would you listen to her yell?"

Very matter-of-factly he replied, "She sounds like you."

Hah, I laughed, "Well I guess she does." :)

Before long, through all the random twists, the tables had turned and all three of us were neck and neck. For a while any of us could win with just one card. On my turn I got a four and had to pull back, and sure enough on Andi's next move she pulled the winning card again!

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