Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Push-Ups

Labor Day seemed like a good day for us to continue work on our Koguma Dojo push-up challenge.

In about an hour I did 250 push-ups (sets of 60/60/60/70) and Eason did 95 (sets of 20/20/25/30). We each did a set every ten minutes.

Here is a video of Eason doing push-ups from December 12, 2011:

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  1. Later that month we continued our push-up challenge. In an hour I made it to 300 and Eason had made it to 120. He wasn't satisfied and insisted on squeezing another set into his hour, bringing him to 150.

    When some family heard that Eason did 150 they said
    "maybe that's too much." I replied "I prefer to look at things from a
    perspective of potential, not limitations." Silence. :)


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