Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Routine

I finally did some cardio for the first time since the race. I've been so lazy. I meant to run while I was at the bungalow, but I had two weekends up there and I didn't run once. My laziness definitely showed in my performance today. I used level 10 on the treadmill, but it took me 25:13 minutes to run 3.64 km. I only averaged 5.38 mph (11:08/mile). I did climb 461 ft.

I also changed my workout routine. My joints keep aching after lifting so much and I think my body is just not meant for it. So in order to give myself some more time to recover and get in some more cardio, my routine is:
• chest, triceps, shoulders (front and lateral)
• cardio and legs (pushing)
• back, biceps, shoulders (rear and traps)
• cardio and legs (pulling)

We'll see how it works out.


  1. Running stats:
    Time: 20:42
    Distance: 1.36 miles
    Climbed: 744 ft.
    Average speed: 3.95 mph
    Average pace: 15:11/mile

  2. I haven't been on the tradmill much lately. I've been working the elliptical machines, stairmaster and bicycle. Today I did the treadmill again. Very lazy:
    Time: 25:02
    Distance: 1.89 miles
    Climbed: 656 ft.
    Average speed: 4.53 mph
    Average pace: 13:13/mile

  3. I've been doing some cardi here and there, but this is the best run I've had in a while. Felipe was running next to me and that really motivated me to keep up my pace.
    Time: 28 minutes (about)
    Distance: 3.10 miles
    Calories: 471
    Average speed: 6.17 mph
    Average pace: 9:42/mile

  4. Running stats:
    Time: 28:41
    Calories: 450
    Distance: 5k
    Average Speed: 6.28 mph
    Average Pace: 9:32/mile

  5. I've been doing cardio on this new hybrid machine at the Y, so I haven't been tracking my results, but today I used the treadmill. I was going to do some interval training, but it turned into mostly climbing, because I'm so lazy.
    Running stats:
    Time: 30:00
    Distance: 3.38 km
    Climbed: 822 ft.
    Average speed: 4.2 mph
    Average pace: 14:46/mile

  6. Running stats:
    Time: 20:30
    Distance: 2.09 miles
    Average Speed: 6.12 mph
    Average Pace 9:48/mile

  7. Running stats:
    Time: 20:30
    Calories: 286
    Distance: 3.32 km
    Average Speed: 6.06 mph
    Average Pace: 9:54 / mile

  8. Running stats:
    Time: 33:19
    Calories: 426
    Distance: 3.17 miles
    Average Speed: 5.72 mph
    Average Pace: 10:28 / mile

  9. Running stats:
    Time: 32:27
    Calories: 434
    Distance: 4.87 km
    Climbed: 196 ft
    Average Speed: 5.60 mph
    Average Pace: 10:42 / mile

  10. Running stats:
    Time: 25:00
    Calories: 315
    Distance: 2.31 miles
    Average Speed: 5.55 mph
    Average Pace: 10:47/mile

  11. Running stats:
    Time: 10:41
    Calories: 137
    Distance: 0.99 miles
    Average Speed: 5.59 mph
    Average Pace: 10:42/mile

  12. Running stats:
    Time: 11:31
    Distance: 1.00 miles
    Average Speed: 5.21 mph
    Average Pace: 11:30/mile

  13. Running stats:

    Time: 10:10
    Distance: 0.97 miles
    Average Speed: 5.74 mph
    Average Pace: 10:26/mile

  14. Running stats:
    Time: 10:30
    Distance: 0.99 miles
    Average Speed: 5.70 mph
    Average Pace: 10:31/mile

  15. Running stats:
    Time: 20:00
    Distance: 1.63 miles
    Climbed: 196 feet
    Average Speed: 4.89 mph
    Average Pace: 12:15/mile

  16. Running stats:
    Time: 30:00
    Calories: 375
    Distance: 2.70 miles
    Climbed: 208 feet
    Average Speed: 5.40 mph
    Average Pace: 11:05/mile
    Average Heart Rate: 154

  17. Running stats:
    Time: 20:00
    Calories: 264
    Distance: 1.73 miles
    Climbed: 227 feet
    Average Speed: 5.20 mph
    Average Pace: 11:31/mile


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