Wednesday, June 18, 2008

JP Morgan Corporate Challange

So today was the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge that I've been training for. My time was:
40:25 (Official)
33:25 (Actual)
The 7 minutes difference reflects the difference between when the race started and when I actually crossed the starting line.

I'm pretty happy all things considered.

Considerations include:
• The race was 3.5 miles (not 5k).
• It was quite a while after the starting line before there was actually room to begin running.
• Once we started running there were still a lot of people in front walking, so there was a lot of effort spent trying to get around people.
• It started raining right before the race started and continued until just after I was done.
• When I got to east 92nd street I couldn't take it any longer and I had to stop and pee by the side of the road.

So like I said, all things considered I'm happy with my time. I knew going in that the run would be harder than anything I had done in training with the hills and pavement.

In the aftermath I'm pretty sore, more from the effects of the rain than the run itself. My calves are sore, which is from the run, but I also have some chaffing, sore feat from soaked sneakers, and a sore back.

In closing it was a lot of fun. Besides the challenge and training, I met quite a few people from my company and I found the experience quite bonding.

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