Monday, January 28, 2008

My Rye YMCA (continued)

A while back I posted about My Rye YMCA. As I mentioned there are lots of nice people there and I get a good workout. But my worst experience was recently when I went there to do legs and shoulders. It was really empty in the fitness center that day. I was doing compound sets of squats (in the cage) and the calf machine. When I got back to the cage an older guy was stretching in the cage. Even though I had all the weights setup and my wraps in the cage, he was in there and had pushed my wraps aside.

I decided to do a set of lateral shoulder raises to give him some time. When I was done he was still stretching in the cage, so I said "excuse me, can I get back in there for another set?" He turned to me and said "you don't own this machine." Somewhat flabbergasted, I said "I know but I was working here." He said "well you weren't here when I got here." I explained that "I was super-setting and I have all the weight setup with my stuff in the cage" and he just looked at me funny and said "you were what?". He did not understand what super-setting was, so I explained to him.

He still did not want to let me finish my routine. So I waited until he was done stretching and got in the cage to do my next set of squats. While I was there he started hanging from the cage's pull-up bar right behind me and swung into me while I was squatting. I put the bar back in the brackets and pushed him off of me. Then he started telling me not to touch him, meanwhile, he was the one that swung into me.

Eventually he dropped down and called over one of the trainers. I didn't realize it at the time, but he basically made it out like I assaulted him, so I explained my side of the story to some of the trainers and Brendan Ahearn, the Fitness Center Director.

This is why #PeopleAtMyGymSuck.

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