Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Brendan Ahearn is a jerk

Rye YMCA Fitness Director, Brendan Ahearn is a jerk [or at least he was in this case]. Despite my explaining the situation, he sent me a letter saying that they would refund my membership if I did not obey the following rules:
Apparently the
• avoid dropping weights on the floor.
• allow members to work-in.
• refrain from physical contact with other members.

I don't have a problem with any of these rules, and I understand that he has to do his job, but what pisses me off is that he did not have the decency to discuss any of this with me.

First of all, while heavy weights are going to make noise when you put them down, I'm careful not to drop the weights on the floor.

Second, this whole things started because someone else would not allow me to work back in on equipment I had already been using. I always let anyone work in with me. In this case I asked if I could work back in when he was done.

Lastly, its not like I hit the guy. He swung into me (and I'm sure he didn't get a letter).

What a punk [he was for not discussing this with me beforehand or immediately afterwards].

[Before this I never had a problem with Brendan, and he always seemed like a nice guy. I'm not saying that he's not. I'm only referring to this incident]

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