Sunday, April 22, 2007

Some Friends

Now I know (or at least I'm reminded) of why I like to see Eason playing with some of his friends in particular. The play is nice and for the most part well behaved. Watching Eason play with some other of his friends always brings this right home.

On the other hand other friends always seem to want to make everything into a hostile game, with banging, throwing, hitting, etc. And no its no wonder that these kids parent's, when they occasionally begins some semblance of discipline, do it in either in a monotone dialogue about how the behavior was not okay, or a whining plead for them to stop.

The good part about all of this is that it offers an opportunity to impart to Eason that just because his friend was doing something did not make that type of behavior acceptable.

The whole time I kept thinking "now I know why I like to see Eason playing with 'some' of his friends."

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