Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Family That Runs Together...

For the first time all four of us ran the local 5k derby together. In the past I would run the 5k with Eason, and Aviva would run the one mile "fun run" with Andrea. But since Andrea was able to run 3.5 miles with me in practice a couple of weeks ago, she was eager to try it in a real race. Her goal was to run the entire race, no matter how much she had to slow down. Meanwhile, my goal was to keep up with Eason, which might be hard considering I had not trained at all.

When the race started Eason took off ahead of us and I raced to catch up with him. Within a few blocks I caught up passed him. Somewhere on Playland Parkway it all fell apart for me. First my lungs were burning and my mouth tasted like blood. Then I started to feel nauseous. I guess those two beers the night before weren't a good idea. Then my calf started hurting me. Somewhere further along Playland Parkway Eason caught up to me and I told him to go on ahead. When I could no longer see him, my motivation seemed to vanish along with him and I stopped running.

I would start running again for awhile for the remainder of the race, glancing around for Aviva and Andrea to catch up with me, but they never did. Eventually I crossed the finish line and met up with Eason and we waited for Aviva and Andrea. Aviva and Andrea took a while, but they ran the entire 5k! Here were our times:
Eason: 30:21
Eric: 33:52
Aviva 50:38
Andrea: 50:39

I the end everyone accomplished their goals, except for me. Andrea didn't come close to Eason's time the first time he ran the 5k, but he was 9 months older. More importantly that wasn't her goal. Her goal was to finish without stopping or walking, which Eason didn't do until he was 9. Aviva finished with Andrea. Eason beat his time, with very little practice I must add. Meanwhile, I had to walk multiple times and didn't make very good time, and was very sore after. I'm determined to come back stronger in the fall.

Afterwards we had fun hanging around the Rye Y Healthy Kids Day Fair.

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