Saturday, July 27, 2013

My Birthday Presents

For my birthday I like to get some people presents, but since it's my birthday I get them something that I want them to have, which is not necessarily what they would want. This year we all got lucky.

Here's what I got them:

I got Andi rope monkey bars so she could practice swinging around at the bungalow. See more pictures and video.

I got Eason this Solo Soccer Trainer so he can practice playing soccer whenever he wants (because I'm getting too old to play soccer all the time). He likes to use it like a kicking speed bag.

See more pictures and video.

I got Aviva a sail for her kayak. Using the sail was quite difficult. Unfortunately we had so much fun on the lake that I forgot to take any pictures. I'll have to take some next weekend. If you get a good wind you can sail across the entire lake! More video below.

Eason got Andi this rocking horse that we finally got to inflate and take for a ride.

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