Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Mom's Birthday

I took my mom to lunch for her birthday. I needed a pass to take my mom out of the facility, and the rehab center was supposed to have it ready. On Sunday the nurse said she would leave it for the doctor so that it would be ready. Yesterday, when I called, the nurse's station said I just had to pick it up when I was ready. When I arrived no one knew anything about it.

The physical therapist said we could get it at the front desk, but she was wrong. While my mom waited in the lobby I went to get the pass from the head nurse. He had to get approval and we had to wait 20 minutes. I was a bit irate.

When we finally got outside I asked my mom what she wanted to eat. I knew there was a seafood place around the corner, which she usually likes, but that wasn't going to work for her in her condition. She had lost her appetite for most everything.

When I asked her again what she wanted she enthusiastically answered "a cherry-lime ricky." I mentioned that I didn't know if we'd be able to find one - after all, we were limited to the immediate vicinity since she could not get around very well. She said "then a pink lemonade." I was feeling like she was going to be very upset if we didn't find one.

Lucky enough there was a cute little Barbecue place right around the corner that had lemonade and she approved of the menu. Unfortunately when they brought her ribs she only took a bite. She said they had too much barbecue sauce, but she didn't eat any of the corn or coleslaw she ordered either. She only took a sip of her lemonade.

After lunch we went to sit in the park across the street. It was nice that there was this little park so close by. We sat down on one of the benches and talked a bit until she got a text. Then she texted for a while until we decided to go back to the rehab.

I hope she had a good day.

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