Monday, June 7, 2010

Big Work Weekend Behind Me

This past weekend I completed a change which was a major milestone in a project that has been 6 years in the making (3 years with my current department).

The change caused a lot of panic with senior executives, which culminated in over 1000 applications having to be validated by over 200 people at 3 AM on a Sunday morning. This is despite assurances that no changes would be required on their part and that there would be no impact to them as the implementation team would be fully verifying everything. The fact that not a single issue was brought to our attention during the validation vindicated my assertion that this was an excessive amount of "due diligence."

My boss, who has been very supportive throughout the entire process, assures me that "I'll get over it" and take solace in the knowledge that I was right.

I worked with a lot of great people on the project, which I won't thank publically in respect to their priacy. But they know who they are.

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  1. Interesting article Eric. Guess I've been a bit out of synch with what is happening with our friends to the South.


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