Sunday, April 26, 2009

Exit The King

For our anniversary we left the kids with their Babcia and Dziadek and went to see Exit The King at the Barrymore Theatre.

The review by David Spencer is the best I've found, but I can't find anywhere that elaborates on the various archetypes and metaphors to the degree in which I was looking.

If you've seen the show, tell me what you thought.

Ultimately Aviva and I had a great time.

Update (4/28/09):

After the show I was looking around the web to see if anyone had written about the metaphors and archetypes used, but all I was able to find were general references to the fact that they existed in the show and nothing about the specifics.

I explained to Aviva how I saw each of the archetypes and I wanted to see if I was on the money, or reading too much into things.

  • King Berenger is the self-centered and neglectful ruler, which is obvious
  • Queen Marguerite is the well intentioned antagonist, taking every opportunity to point out the rulers short comings
  • Queen Marie is the blindly devoted advocate, who is simultaneously begging for recognition
  • Juliette is the common worker, with only common perspectives, and too busy trying to get by to try to make a difference
  • The Doctor is the political pundits claiming omniscience and trying to dictate the ruler's course
  • The Guard, while sometimes seeming the military, is actually the media, broadcasting every sound bite they can get their hands on

If this is at all correct, I would love to hear an elaboration regarding Marguerite's transformation to the King's guide at the end of the 2nd act. My assumption is that she is ultimately well-intentioned, and therefore takes responsibility for setting things right.

I wrote into the The Leonard Lopate Show who will be joined by Geoffrey Rush to discuss his role. Maybe I'll get some answers.

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