Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Grips And Friction

Today at the Rye YMCA I was doing back, biceps and rear delts. One of the members asked me about my grips. I told him all about them. They are Versa Gripps. The way they are designed they are great for both push and pull exercises. They wrap around your wrist with velcro and the wrap only extends as far as the beginning of your fingers, where your calluses would be. At the end of the wrap is a small ridge. For pushing the ridge helps to balance the bar in your palm. For pulling the ridge helps secure the bar in your hand. The friction helps you hold weight that your naked grip might not be able to maintain. This is especially helpful for exercises like dead lifts, barbell rows and shrugs. I highly recommend them.

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  1. I offered let him try it out and we agreed that we would do shrugs together whenever he was ready.

    In the meantime I was working rows and biceps. A lady started taking the weight off the rowing machine to put on something else, so I let her know I was still using it. I don't understand why people are so quick to take the weight off a machine instead of the racks without asking around.

    While I was doing rows and biceps the first guy said he was ready to do shrugs, so I wound up being in the middle of all three exercises. I didn't give it much thought since it was only the three of us.

    Then the lady asked me if I was still using the rowing machine and I answered that I was. She told me that she wanted to use it and said that I can't use all three things at once. I thought she just wanted the weight, but as soon as she said she wanted the machine I immediately offered to let her work in and started taking the excess weight off for her.

    She was telling me that she thought I had an attitude (who me?). I pointed out that she was the one telling me what I could and could not do.

    After her set I rushed over to suggest that she finish her routine and I would wait until she was done (since I was in the middle of two other exercises), so she would not have to deal with reloading the weights. I also offered to clean everything up when she was done.

    Ironically the lady never unstacked the weight off the chest press which explains my earlier confusion.


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