Saturday, April 20, 2002

The Wedding

We exchanged our wedding vows at The Sunset Pavilion on the Beach in Cape May, NJ on April 20, 2002.

In case you missed the ceremony, this is basically what happened:

• The guests start to arrive (approximately 2:40 PM)
• Joanna begins to play introduction music.
• Rafi & Jerry help direct them from the Trolley Car to their seats.
• Adam & Jesse block the 1st 5 rows (children in the aisles of the 3rd, 4th & 5th rows).

• The guests from last trolley have arrived (approximately 3:00 PM).
Mayor Suzanne M. Walter of Stone Harbor asks everyone to take his or her seats.
• Joanna stops playing.
• Bridal Party is on the Boardwalk in order of appearance.
• Eric & Gypsy walk from the Boardwalk to the 1st Trellis.

• Mayor speaks (introduces Eric).
• Eric walks down alone and takes the microphone.

• Eric thanks special guests in procession.
"Thank you all for coming so far to share this special day with us. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank some people who have been very special to us."

• Joanna plays “Thank You” by Dido.
• Procession walks down as their names are called:

1. Gypsy Friedlander (walks to trellis with Eric and down aisle alone)
- "First and foremost, my mom, for bringing me into this world and giving me all the love and caring that she has."

2. Marc Friedlander
- "My Uncle Marc for being a positive role model and at times even a father figure."

3. Vinko Grskovic
- "Vinko, for being a good friend and advisor."

4. Jodi Weiss
- "Jodi, for her optimism and inspiration."

5. Kristina Visconti
- "Kristina, for her integrity and resourcefulness."

6. Rachel Kats
- "Rachel, for her honesty and devotion."

7. Gina Brooke
- "Gina, for her fun and kindness."

8. Toniann Alcure
- "Toniann, for her wit and candor."

9. Jerry Oksman
- "Jerry, for his friendship and reliability."

10. Regina & Adam Oksman
- "Regina and Adam, for her always going above and beyond at every opportunity."

11. Rafi & Marissa Kam
- "Rafi and Marissa, for being great friends and our favorite brother and sister."

12. Tamara & Israel Kam (walks to trellis with Aviva and down aisle alone)
- "And Aviva's mom and dad, for always making me feel like part of their family and for always providing for Aviva and making her feelings a priority."

• When Eric is finished thanking special guests in procession Aviva is waiting at the Trellis.
• Joanna plays “Here Comes The Bride.”
• Aviva walks down the aisle.

• Eric and Aviva are both at the Front Trellis.
• Joanna stops playing.
• Mayor begins her speech.

• Mayor introduces Shifra.
• Eric & Aviva move to their seats on the right
• Joanna plays “Tradition” from Fiddler on the Roof.
• Shifra takes the microphone.
• Joanna stops playing.
• Shifra begins her speech.
• Joanna plays “Tradition” from Fiddler on the Roof.

• Eric & Aviva walk back to their spots
• Joanna stops playing.
• Mayor continues her speech.

• Mayor introduces Nina.
• Eric & Aviva move to their seats on the right
• Nina begins her speech.

• Eric & Aviva walk back to their spots
• Mayor continues her speech.

• Aviva says her vows.
• Eric says his vows.
• Mayor finishes her speech.

• Joanna plays The Wedding March.
• Eric & Aviva walk down the aisle back toward the boardwalk.
• Members of the Procession follow in the same order they arrived (with their partners if they like).
• Eric & Aviva wait at the top of the boardwalk stairs.
• Guests leave their seats and walk to the boardwalk.

• Eric & Aviva board the carriage.
• Guests see them off.

• Rafi & Jerry escort guests to the Trolley cars to return to the hotel.
• Procession and family members stay behind for photographs.
• Eric and Aviva return to take photographs.
• Eric and Aviva join the guests at the reception.

Click for more wedding pictures.

Here's the raw video footage taken by Martino Studios. You can watch the edited video below.

Here's the video edited by Martino Studios. The last video was muted due to copyright issues. You can watch the unmuted video below.

Here's the last section of video edited by Martino Studios, unmuted.

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