Friday, November 8, 1996

Muze, Inc

I'm no longer working for Muze, where I was Manager/Network & Desktop Service Technician from 6/1989 to 11/1996. Here are some of my accomplishments while I was there:

Manage departments and provide network and desktop support.
• Setup and support Windows NT and Netware 3.12 network environment, including mail, FTP, backup, documentation.
• Install, configure and support all operating systems (Windows 95 and NT), user profiles, and software applications for 175 workstations and servers.
• Supervise and set budget staff of 20 editors/5 project supervisors for interactive multimedia company.
• Improve output procedures (reduced programming time by 500%, documented lengthy process, eliminated recurring errors).
• Music Data Department Manager (1994)
• Double productivity by restructuring department (task based job descriptions, central points of accountability, individual responsibility, increased incentive, enhanced communication).
• Perform specialized database maintenance assignments.
Editorial Assistant (1990)
• Edit database of music releases (currently over 150,000 records).
CD Hotline Operator (1989)
• Assist callers nation-wide in finding albums and release information.

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